ECF tour

We had the pleasure of hosting the ECF tour. An amazing non-profit working with Kids and adults with development disabilities. At 28 people it was our biggest tour yet. A chance meeting with the Director at an art fair allowed us to plan for this.


The Google Europe were flown in to check the new HQ here in LA, and joined the tour, it was either that or Yoga, I don’t do Yoga.

Dan Wood
LA Tourist Board and Millenial Influencers

Wow, what a tour, what a group. The L.A. Tourist Board was hosting 20 travel agencies from across the US and showing them L.A. to promote tourism in the city - they selected 10 different areas, from tours, to hikes, to shopping etc. I had the pleasure of hosting the Venice leg. Massive shouts to @indiangiver (pictured middle of the group shot) for taking the time out to discuss his work and career, after finishing his new piece on Abbot Kinney. Went down a storm.

They brought two film crews - video to follow in a few weeks…..

Another LA group....
Dan Wood
Santa Monica group

When we started the tours we only really looked to tourists, but more and more people are coming from the local area - and always say they love finding out more about the streets they have walked for years.

UK (London) / Russia / USA (OC) tours
Venice Beach group

Always great to tour with locals, and see an appreciation for the scene

Dan Wood
Hawaii / New York group - Feb 22, 2019
Dan Wood